Mindfulness Meditation

Modern life is hectic, and many of us race from one thing to the next without a break. Thoughts and unconscious habits often consume us, numbing us to our true experience and to the suffering we create for ourselves and those around us. Through mindfulness, meditation classes and breathwork we learn to break the cycle and help our mind and body work in unison. It trains us to be present and live in the moment.

Meditation and mindfulness is not about blocking out thoughts and emotions, but rather accepting them without judgement or fear. It allows us to be present in the current moment, embracing the stillness to create a space free from the busyness of daily life. Mindfulness helps us to gain self-awareness, be less reactive in the face of stress and adversity, and grow beyond what we think we can do.

Meditation Classes

Beginners 6 week Mindfulness Meditation course

The six week course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning meditation for the first time or for those who would like to deepen their practice of mindfulness meditation.

 Meditation is one of the most powerful self-help tools for sustaining and regaining good health.

Learn how to meditate using mindfulness.

Meditation Classes on the beach Mornington

Monday Meditation Classes 8pm - Join us

Suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators.
Joining together in a group setting, meditation classes help us to develop a habit, stay on track with our practice and connect with like-minded people in a relaxed setting.

If you are new to meditation I recommend the six week Mindfulness Meditation Course, but it is not a pre-requisite to join the classes.

Meditate in your own time, place and space

Purchase a guided meditation led by Helen to enjoy anytime, anywhere. 
Through meditation we learn that the mind becomes calm not through strain and struggle, but from letting go of anxiety about the past and future, and relaxing into the present. It helps us to live each day; not just survive it.

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