“I went through several years of extreme stress and met Helen at the very worst point in my life of 46 years. After being known for most of my life as being a very together, happy, bright and calm person, I had become exhausted, lost, crushed, extremely emotional, sleepless, fearful of the future and unsure where to turn for support.
Thankfully I came across one of Helen’s flyers advertising her Mindfulness meditation course and I wondered if that might help me. It was worth the try.

I immediately found the course to be very beneficial, and continued going to Helen’s weekly meditation sessions and practising in my own time. I have also attended Helen’s sound meditation sessions and several Reiki sessions, and found that every time I attended I learnt and experienced things which helped me to feel better!
After 12 months I am a new woman! People are constantly commenting on how calm, happy, bright and cheerful I am now, how the old Cathy has returned. I feel as if I am the best version of me there has ever been! I am now a huge believer in the vast benefits of mindfulness meditation and Reiki and I’m excited to see how much more I can grow as I continue to practice. I plan to continue the practice for the rest of my life and am so grateful for all I have learnt from Helen. What I learned from Helen gave me the strength, confidence and skills I needed to get me through the worst time in my life, as well as helping me make the most out of the great things life has to offer.”

— Cathy


“Helen, the way you wove the breath and the meditation through the workshop on change was wonderful. You have a warm and natural presence and bring that energy to your voice.
You took care of the group as we moved through each aspect, and I just want to say thank you.”

— Amanda


“Helen’s presentation was beautiful, relaxing and very empowering. She has such a peaceful nurturing way which just seems to draw things out whilst helping you to feel very safe and protected.

She has a beautiful voice and her meditation was absolutely amazing. ”

— Andrea


“Helen is a vivacious workshop leader with a powerful yet calming presence. I immediately felt safe to share my experiences at the workshop. I look forward to putting my learning into practice.”

— Cindy